Mountain West Prediction

1.  Boise State

2.  Air Force

3.  TCU

4.  San Diego State

5.  Wyoming

6.  Colorado State

7.  UNLV

8.  New Mexico

Boise State is the elite of this conference, I even think last year’s schedule will even be tougher than this year for the Bronco’s.  If they do get past Georgia, which I expect them to do easily, they run the table and have a great shot for the NC game.  TCU losses some key components and have a tough few games that is why I have Air Force 2nd.  San Diego State lost Brady Hoke to Michigan, they will still be good, but a step back from last year. 

This is the last post I will make for 2 weeks as I will be in Alaska with no internet.  Sorry see you when I get back!